Thursday, July 19
Hiking: Passo Rolle to Rifugio Colbricon to San Martino.  Drive to Asolo.
We drive from Cortina via Passo Giau and Alleghe to Passo Rolle.  We hike to Rifugio Colbricon, our spirits undampened (well, almost) by pouring rain, hail, thunder, lightning, and trails that become streams.  We arrive at the road to be greeted by Vittorio and a picnic lunch, for which the rain graciously stops.  We then hike on to San Martino for an hour of exploration before driving to Asolo.

Friday, July 20
Asolo ... Bassano della Grappa ... Palladian Villas
Tour of Asolo with our local guide, Barbara, including the castello "La Rocca."  View Palladian Villa Maser from the outside before driving to Bassano della Grappa.  After lunch, we visit the Museo della Grappa, then drive to and tour the Palladian Villa Emo.  Stragglers returning from dinner in Asolo gather on the hotel's terrazza to sample libations of the region.

Panorama of Monte Grappa from Bassano della Grappa.  Click to view a larger version.  Use "Back" button to return.

Panorama from our hotel terrace in Asolo.  Click to view a larger version.  Use "Back" button to return.

Saturday, July 21
Vicenza and the Opera in Verona
We drive to Vicenza (home of Andrea Palladio) for a walking tour with our local guide Elizabetta.  We visit the Teatro Olimpico, have a picnic lunch, and view La Rotunda.  Then we drive to our hotel in a cloister in Appeano (outside of Verona), and on to Verona to meet Mario's wife Lise and their son Lorenzo for dinner.  The evening culminates with a fantastic performance of Rigoletto at Verona's Arena.

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