Jay Helms and Terry O'Loughlin
Jay Helms and Terry O'Loughlin

The links below include some pictures...
December 2008 trip to Egypt.
August 2008 Backpack trip through the Cirque of the Towers in Wyoming's Wind River Range.
August 2007 Traverse of the Minarets Range (Minaret, Ediza and Thousand Island Lakes).
August 2006 Sierra Nevada back pack trip through Evolution Basin via Lamarck Col.
August 2005 Trans Sierra back packing trip which crossed the Sierra Nevada range from west to east.
August 2004 Ascent of Mt. Whitney.
July 2001 Hike through northern Italy's Dolomiti mountains.
Jay Helms <jay@jayhelms.com>
Terry O'Loughlin <terry@oloughlin.org>
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